Nusa Penida, the island

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1. Kelingking Beach


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You may have already seen this picture of a wonderful view on social networks but it is even more breathtaking in real life ! You can stay at the top of the cliff and enjoy the view or go down to the beach and swim in this beautiful blue water ! To make it all worthwhile, you can see monkeys wandering a few metres away !




2. Broken Beach


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Broken Beach is also a very famous place on the island of Penida ! You have the possibility to go all around the circle so you don't miss any of the magical points of views ! There are a few restaurants on the side, this will allow you to take a break for lunch while enjoying the view ! Don't forget your camera ! 




3. Crystal Bay


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Cristal Bay is a place to do everything ! Indeed, you can swim,sunbath, eat, sip a coconut on the beach, scubba diving, ... In fact, thanks to masks and snorkels, you can admire the magnificient seabed of Cristal Bay and perhaps see the famous Manta rays ! Whether you are with family, friends or alone, you can be sure you won't get bored in Cristal Bay ! 




4. Angel's Billabong


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Angel's Billabong is located just next to Broken Beach. The landscape is just magic ! Who has never dreamed of swimming in a natural pool overflowing in the ocean ? A natural swimming pool filled with crystal clear and warm water at the same time ! In addition, you can also observe the magnificient cliffs that make up all the charm of the island ! 




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