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The Tanah Lot, certainly the Hindu temple of Bali to do! Located in the south-east of Bali (north of Kuta), this temple is simply a marvel to see. If you are a fan of beautiful photos or social network addicts, this is the place to visit at all costs. The Tanah Lot is a temple that was built on a rock with the Indian Ocean as far as the eye can see. However, access to the temple is reserved only for locals during major ceremonies.






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To see this temple worthy of the most beautiful postcards you will have to drive a little bit. Located in the north of the island on Lake Bratan and at the bottom of Bali's second largest volcano (Bratan volcano, 2276m), this temple has a prime location with breathtaking scenery. It is difficult to get close to it but it is especially for the landscape that we move. The Ulun Danu Bratan Temple seems to be visited to a large extent by Indonesians from the neighbouring islands. To visit preferably during celebrations because the site is very lively at that time.






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It isn’t the most impressive temple on the island but it is worth a visit! This temple is located in the extreme south of Bali in the Bukit Peninsula. A region very popular with surfers because it is here that you can find the most beautiful waves of the island. Turquoise water, a seen impregnable over all of Bali and its volcanoes this place simply looks like a dream. As far as the temple is concerned, one could say that it is wild. We realize that nature has taken over and that's what makes it so charming, the vegetation is omnipresent and the place is regularly invaded by monkeys. If you are hot, you can enjoy a coconut. Passing on the Bukit, the temple of Uluwatu is an obligatory stopover.






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You may have seen pictures of this temple before when you looked for "What to do in Bali?'' The temple of Tirta Empul, located a few kilometres north of Ubud, has a sacred hot spring in which Balinese people come to purify themselves by placing an offering and putting their heads under one of the 13 fountains. A very charming place close to many tourist sites such as rice fields, monkey forest, zoo, etc.... A change of scenery that will immerse you in Balinese culture.






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Certainly the largest temple in Bali, the Besakih Temple is simply magnificent and grandiose! You will find this sublime building in the North East of the island at the foot of Mount Agung, Bali's highest volcano with an altitude of more than 3000 m. In truth, we are not talking about one but several temples. You will need energy because there are many steps to climb and the visit will take you to discover the many temples of the site. Sublime and green landscape, magnificent colors reminiscent of the Hindu deities, this temple is one of the formidable places to visit on the island of the gods.




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