Unique Restaurants in Bali

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1. Restaurant in An Abandoned Plane (The Keramas Aero Park)


The Keramas Aero Park


The restaurant takes place inside the plane which has been totally renovated for the occasion. You can have a seat at a table inside next to the portholes or if you prefer outside the plane at a table or in our bar.

So book your tickets for this unique experience, you will not be disappointed by this place and by the delicious food they serve.




2. Restaurant in The Pirate Boat (The Pirates Bays)


The Pirates Bays Restaurant Bali


This place is located in Nusa Dua and takes place in a beautiful spot at the seaside with a nice view. It will become your favourite place to enjoy a time in family and your kids will love it.

There are trees houses where you can eat, a huge pirate ship, small paddle boats to give a real pirate environment. There also swings, tents, or swinging bridges for your children to play and to enjoy the decor.

So let's be a real pirate for one day and enjoy an amazing meal!




3. An Unique Caravan (The La Laguna)


La Laguna


This new and unique cafe takes place in Canggu and offers a very cool Boehme decor in a nice garden. Its decor is amazing with a lot of colors and the direct view on the sea... beautiful scenery.

You can take very cool pictures in this spot and at the same time have a tasty meals or cocktail.

So come and be a gipsy around a lunch or a dinner!




4. Laboratory Restaurant (Frankenstein's Laboratory Restaurant)


Frankenstein's Laboratory Restaurant


This restaurant will get you into the Frankenstein spirit with decors, costumes, makeup, and a regular cabaret show called the “Dancing Dead.” You will eat a good dish or have a nice cocktail with Zombies, Monsters, Vampires and Mummies who will make your night unforgettable...

Take the challenge and join the Frankenstein’s Laboratory for one terrific night!




5. A Garage and Motorbikes Feel (Man Shed Cafe)


Man Shed Cafe bali


This garage has obviously motorbikes and cars but also chairs and tables to enjoy a meal. All the decor is made from bits of old motorcycles including supposedly the table, so for vehicle lovers it's the perfect place to be. You can eat good plates while sitting on a Vespa. You will have to come back often because the collection of antique vehicle changes a lot.

So let's be a driver during one meal!




6. Dinner with Safari Animals (Tsavo Lion Restaurant)


Tsavo Lion Restaurant


Located in Bali Safari and Marine Park, this restaurant offers you a unique experience by dinning among the lions. Doesn’t worry a full glass panel separate you from this majestic animal, so it's not you who will be the dinner of the lions?

You could choose a tasty meal under an international selection while watching the lions in their habitat.

Join this place for a dinner with lions who will keep an eye on you!




Information taken from https://indonesia.tripcanvas.co/

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