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For a first trip to Bali, I strongly advise you to go to Ubub. In the center of the island, this small town is very pleasant and full of surprises. Although touristic, it remains less attractive than the coast and stay therefore more authentic. It's a good compromise to discover Bali!




1. Celluk village




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You will arrive by plane to the south of the island in Kuta. This city is the most touristy on the island. Your departure will therefore be from there, on your way to Ubud you can make a stop in Celuk Village. You will find a magnificent gold and silver factory to visit! This place is very exotic and out of the ordinary Bali setting. You can also buy magnificent jewellery and silver decoration unique in their kind




2. Ubud market



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Once you arrive in Ubud, you can start by going to the art market, called "Pasar Seni Ubud" by the locals. This craft market is held in the villages around Ubud. You will find a lot of manual work, such as bags, jewellery or clothing.




3. Monkey forest



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In the heart of Ubub you will find the famous monkey forest. Known for its very large number of monkeys in freedom, it will amaze both young and old. You will also find majestic thousand-year-old trees and a temple with its magnificent old statues.




4. Rice terrace



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North of Ubub, you will find the majestic rice terrace. For nature lovers, I strongly recommend that you take a detour. These rice fields form a breathtaking landscape leaving you speechless.




5. Story of Luwak Cofee



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Also located in the north, you can discover the origin of Luwak coffee, it is the most expensive coffee in the world. I will not tell you more about its history and let you discover it with a guide who will make you take a short visit and give you free explanations! However, if you want to taste this coffee, you will have to pay 50 000 Rp!




6. Pura Tirta Temple


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If you have a few hours, you can visit the temple of Pura Tirta which means "springtime of holy water". This name is linked to the water source that resides in the temple. This source supplies several baths, swimming pools and ponds around the temple. This temple is at the heart of many legends. If you are interested in people's stories or just want to swim in them, go ahead!

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