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1. Night Safari


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An unforgettable experience! You will be in a special cage where you could see all kinds of animals, it allowed you to be very close to the animals’ while being safe. In addition, if you are not afraid, you can give them a little something to eat. Seeing them at night allowed you to observe their nightlife: very interesting! The trip in the cage takes about thirty minutes, which allowed you to appreciate the moment. You would have all kinds of shows, but we leave you the surprise to discover them!




2. Bali Bird Park


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If you are with your family in Bali, I strongly recommend Bali Bird Park, your children will be amazed and even you! You were able to observe all kinds of birds, each one more magnificent than the next! In addition, there are regular shows that make the park even more beautiful and showcase the birds!




3. Bali Safari and Marine Park






Are you a fan of exotic animals? This zoo is for you! All animals have talent in this zoo and they will be proud to show you! The water park will allow your children to swim while having fun. You will also see the animals as close as possible, it is always nice to be able to observe animals and their lifestyles from close!




4. Bali Zoo


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This zoo is just huge! You will see all kinds of animals like birds, tigers, … but also tropical plants! If like strangers, you have trouble with the climate and you are afraid to go outside where you won't enjoy it because of the hot weather, this zoo is made for you! Indeed, it is shaded enough that you don't have the sun hitting you! The landscapes are just magnificent, the jungle, the animals, ... It is in this zoo that we could see the largest lizard of the world!





5. Breakfast with orangutans


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This breakfast was and will remain the most unforgettable moment you will ever had until today! You were able to taste all kinds of varied fruits, warm breads with local rice but above all with a surprising presence of orangutan orangutans at the beginning but pleasant afterwards! And the best thing for the end, the moment doesn't stop at breakfast, but you can continue it all day long!





6. Dinner with great elephants


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A zoo in the moonlight? Who has never dreamed of it? In Bali, with Bali Travel Shop, you can do it! The guide was very interesting, he will enchant you with his extraordinary knowledge about animals. You were able to have dinner a few meters from the animals! The dinner is very good and in addition the feeling of eating next to the animals of the jungle is just inexplicable! The closing show is fantastic and will leave you with a magical memory before leaving the zoo!






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