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Everyone loves to spend holidays in Bali, including parents with a baby or child. It’s understandable that you love your kids but also you need to take a break for your couple-times. That’s why you need the best and kindest babysitter in Bali while you’re wandering out.

Balinese are well-known with their great attitudes towards children. They love to interact and take care of children. You need not worry to leave your children in the care of Balinese nannies.

What will the nanny provide to help you? These are some of the lists :

  • Nappy changing
  • Cooking healthy meals
  • Entertain the baby
  • Teach the children about Bali’s culture
  • Et cetera

You may find children care services in Bali at your hotel. But if you want to be more peaceful, it’s better to hire a babysitter in Bali for the long term.

The nanny will let you spend your time on a romantic journey without having worries about the kids. You might want to hire for a full day and they will follow you to babysit your baby all along. It won’t break your bank, because babysitter cost in Bali has very reasonable rates. All you need is to provide nanny food and a place to sleep. There are plenty of independent babysitters in Bali. But, if you want to hire a qualified and background-checked nanny, you need to contact a babysitting agency in Bali.

Well, just remember what you want to do in Bali and do it properly. No need to worry, just be relaxed and calm as your children in the hand of the best babysitter in Bali. Contact Bali Travel Shop for info +628179726168 or send an email for further information


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(1 Review)
  • Charlotte Xaviera

    Other Service May 3, 2020

    This service really helped me who has 2 toddlers, the baby sitter was very friendly and I felt safe when my child was with him. very grateful to find it

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