Bali Bird Park

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Are you a fan of birds? If right, you must visit this one tourist area, Bali Bird Park. In this park, you will be greeted by about a thousand birds of 250 species. Some of them are already very rare such as the Pesquet's parrot, and there are still about 40 species belonging to the protected animal category.

What’s Interesting in Bali Bird Park

There are many exciting activities that you can do when visiting Bird Park Bali, such as follows :

  • There are free-flying bird shows such as Macaws, cockatoos, and other birds.
  • There is also a bird show that is eyeing prey using instincts like an eagle.
  • Do not miss to experience the feeding bird of the lory bird that has the fur as beautiful as the rainbow, the fish-buff pelicans, and birds of the exotic Papua.
  • Take pictures with a variety of beautiful furry macaws and cockatoos birds.
  • There is a 4D theatre that features a movie about 4-dimensional birds that look very real.
  • There are bird performances, including Black Palm cockatoo, Anna-Maria, and Wreathed Hornbills.

Bali Bird Park, located in Gianyar, can enter by purchasing an admission ticket for IDR140,000 for adults and IDR75,000 for children. Or you can make a reservation via the online travel company Bali Travel Shop that is reliable and professional. For more info, you can contact the number +628179726168 or via email


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