Dinner With Great Elephant

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Bali Zoo is a perfect destination for everyone, not only for children. It is an enormous zoo that offers diverse animals, and the parks inside the zoo resemble their natural habitats. That is why the animals act naturally there, and that is why the visitors will get many great experiences there. One of its best shows is dinner with the great elephant.

Bali Zoo provides various unique activities from night at the zoo Bali Safari, Bali zoo breakfast with orangutans,  to dinner with the giant elephant.

What Is Special About Dinner with Elephant?

Some facilities are included during this session :

  • The encounter of huge elephant and photo session
  • The meeting of other nocturnal animals and photo session
  • Dinner held in Gaya Restaurant next to the elephant park
  • Dance performance

The prices are as follow :

  • For adults: IDR755,000.00
  • For children: IDR490,000.00

If there is any Bali Zoo ticket promo, you might get a lower price.
The Bali Zoo moment with elephant gets many positive reviews on the Internet, from Bali Zoo elephant mud fun review until Bali Zoo dinner with a great elephant. Are you enthusiastic about this experience? Get Bali Zoo discount at Bali Travel Shop, contact us at info@balitravelshop.com or hit us at +628179726168.


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